PK storage question


I rarely use photo black ink on my 3800. Instead of storing this channel with PK ink can I install a flush fill cartridge in this position (and using the correct cartridge)? If I want to insure that the PK line stays “clean” by occasionally do a MK to PK swap, running a nozzle check (or using QTR individual flush channel file for PK) do I run into any problems when switching back to MK? For example, will the pink flush cause residue in the line which will show up when printing with MK?

Basically my question is what is the best way to store the PK channel on a 3800 / 3880 when the PK channel is rarely used?


I have a similar question regarding a sure color p800 I am expecting. I do not use matte black ink. I do not use QTR. I want to avoid clogs. What is my best option?