PK Refillable Cart not reading, error messages from printer - trying to resolve clog

I purchased this Refillable Cart for the PK position with Pieso Flush to solve a clog issue in my PK ink several months ago. It worked great. I got a sudden and complete clog in PK while printing today. It literally went from printing fine to completely clogged halfway thru a solid black print. After running a cleaning cycle via the service program, which did nothing, I went to try to do a flush again. Second time using the cart, and the printer isn’t picking it up at all - just the (X). I know the batteries an die on the chips, but this one has hardly been used and is less than a year old. Any advice to get it reading ? Should I request a replacement for the seemingly faulty cartridge? Additionally Ill gladly take any advice on the clog, its really screwed up my day I have a ton of work to do. Thanks!


The first thing to do is to switch from PK to MK and do a cleaning and then check if there is a clog again. It could be an issue with your ink selector in the printer itself.

These printers have faulty design regarding channel dropout. A sudden drop-out of a full channel is not a nozzle clog that necessitates nozzle cleanings but is usually a more mechanical issue to do with either selector unit, print-head, or cleaning assembly on the printer itself that is forcing air back up into the print-head usually during a head clean or boot up of the printer.

Regarding the chip not reading on the 4900 cartridge, this can happen if the printer (or electricity system in the house) experiences any power surges or voltage jumps. The PK channel drop and faulty chip read could be related in fact. The chips are fragile and can also be disabled by static electricity.

I suggest anyone using refill carts get a backup set of chips just to be safe in their production and operation of the cartridges.


I am currently low on MK so it won’t do a switch but new MK cartridge is on the way, and that is my plan. I appreciate the advice. I only print in PK - I don’t ever do color prints - I am a screen printer I just need a wide format ink jet for transparencies. Other than the issue in August with the clog in black, and this clog from last night, it has worked flawlessly as long as I shake the carts and keep a humidifier near by. Definitely good to know what could be causing the issue - i have never experienced such a sudden and complete clog like that before.
On the refillable -
I don’t use refillable carts normally - I just have the one for PK to flush, as I had a bad clog in PK back in August '16. I purchased it, used it ( it worked great) , removed it, stored it properly away from potential surges or static, and then brought it out last night to try again and it won’t work. It was used for about a total of 24 hrs - so perhaps you can understand my concern that the chip on the cart is faulty.

is it outrageous for me to feel i deserve a replacement product when this one only worked once, and only was used for 24 hrs? I just have to note that I felt a little cheated when it failed to work the second time - and wasn’t looking forward to having to purchase another “one time use” refillable cartridge. Doesn’t make sense.

Hey, just got back online. Sorry for the few hr delay (busy day today), replacement PK chip coming your way. Make sure to handle carefully.

Also, if your PK channel does not come back (this can happen on the 4900), QuadtoneRIP ( is capable of doing screenprint from any other channel. If you are only using one channel you could put the PK ink in any of the other channels and run off that.

best and cheers,

awesome thanks so much, I will most certainly be in touch about how to make that happen if I can’t shake this clog by the end of the week. Too many deadlines for it to be stalled out much l longer! Thanks again for your help and advice!