PK -->> MK cart swap, 7880

It’s been so long since I’ve done this (since I am using Pro inks and primarily printing negatives with HK PK) and I do not have the Epson MK-PK conversion kit, what is the procedure for swapping black ink carts on the 7880?

I don’t want to do an init fill since that affects all positions. I guess I could run the single K channel ink purge pattern using QTR calibration mode. I understand I need to flush the ink tube of PK with MK ink but how exactly will I know since a visual inspection is darn near impossible (?).




After using this I would still have to purge the ink line of “residual” ink, either PK or whatever is in these Epson carts in order to get to the HK MK ink.

I recall that I would have to run 40 or 50 8-1/2" x 11" sheets in calibration mode to completely flush the ink line. Which is certainly doable; although tedious, :-)!

No - those carts are “dummies” - there is nothing in them. I used them a couple times when I had a 4880. You are just wanting to switch blacks, right?

There was a method for doing it without the conversion kit for the X600 series, but I don’t know if it works on later models like yours. I have it here somewhere and can post it if you like.



I should have read the manual first, :-). And now it looks like I should buy that conversion kit.

Yes, just wanting to switch blacks. But after reading the manual maybe I’ll do my proofing without changing the blacks as it consumes ~100ml of ink!

And, again thanks for the ebay link!


Are you talking about just changing from regular PK to HD PK? If so, I wouldn’t bother just for printing negatives. If installing MK to print on matte paper, and then back to PK for negatives, maybe see if the installed PK is good enough for proofing purposes.