PK cartridge empty for the second time with a 3880

Hi everyone,
sorry to all if my english is not very good. I started with a Conecolor kit but the PK cartride is empty for the second time (initial replenishment and a second one). Am I right if 1. I change the cartridge 2. since the cartridge is empty how to get rid of the air ? Thanks for your help.

Dear @Philippe,

The Epson 3880 has a well documented problem with the PK/MK ink switch damper where the PK damper gets a leak and the PK ink empties into the waste ink tank even when the printer is sitting.

If this was not the case and you are just printing a LOT these cartridges must be manually checked often as the chips on these cartridges will always show the cartridge as full.

But I think the first thing is the problem, your printer’s PK damper is dumping PK ink and your printer needs to be fixed.


Yes. This printer needs to be checked out for a leaking damper if your PK cartridge is emptying prematurely.


Thanks for your answer. You mean the Epson technical service has to called ? If yes that’s a shame they just left…

Thanks for your help.