Pizza wheels/ roll feed PiezoDN

I have successfully installed PiezoDN inks in my R3000 printer. I am getting ready to start printing digital transparencies.

  1. On R3000 I can print from either sheets or 13" roll of Pictorico Ultra Premium OHP which do you recommend? I have had trouble with pizza wheels when I previously printed transparencies on other printers in past. I have seen it’s a common problem from others on forum. While I haven’t seen pizza wheels yet on this printer, pizza wheels were not always apparent immediately or present on all of my negatives when I previously had problems. Do you have any suggestions to test for pizza wheels now? Would you recommend roll or sheet pictorico? I would prefer to use sheets but if roll is less likely to produce pizza wheels Ill buy a roll.

  2. My R3000 will not let me change from Photo Black to Matte Black as it says Photo Black cartridge is too low. While I believe I will not need the Matte Black Ink at the moment as Im printing transparencies and it will only use Photo Black in Yellow cartridge, what do I need to do to get cartridge to read as full? Cartridge is full in past I have been able to turn printer off and on or remove cartridge and reinstall it it would read as full but now it will not. Do I need a new chip?

Print sheets. If needed you can do this trick on the R3000 (it works) with some effort: How To Disable Star-Wheels On An Epson 3880 – J Keith Schreiber

This is stated (in red) on the product page for all R3000 carts and chips. Read that warning. You’ll need an OEM or backup chip.

Regarding my previous post, my R3000 printer will not let me change the photo black to matte black as it says the matte black is too empty to be used. The piezography Matte Black cartridge however is almost full.
I know that this is a problem with chip on piezography matte black cartridge as it has been installed removed several times snd has bern refilled. In your previous post you said I need OEM cartridge or new chip for my piezography cartridge. I have the OEM (Epson) matte black cartridge. Is there a way to use this to reset the counter on my piezography cartridge? Can I install the OEM cartridge and then have printer change black. Will this release some OEM ink to head? Could I then switch back in the piezography cartridge to print or would it still read the cartridge as too low to print?
Would I be better off buying new matte black chip for piezography cartridge?


Out the OEM cart in, switch to MK, then put the other cart back in and print until it resets to full.


For PiezoDN using my printer R3000 I know you suggest leaving 1 1/2” margin at bottom and top of transparency.

Would you still recommend leaving this margin when printing halftone image on transparency film using Inkjetmall UV45 ink?

yes I do.