Pizza wheels/ GO coat / Epson 2880

I have an Epson 2880 and I print K7 on HM Photo Rag Baryta.(glossy paper)

When I print the GO coat (I have tried different quantities 30000-35000-40000) I
always get those annoying pizza wheel marks all across the image when printing in sheet feed mode (especially
visible on dark images), that are unacceptable to me.

So the only solution would be to front feed the paper for the GO coat, in that case, the pizza
wheels are not applied, but this does not work reliably.
In fact, when the front feed mechanism pulls the paper in, prior to printing, the print head runs across the image a few times (without printing!), my guess is that this routine takes optical readings to determine the paper margins?
Using light subject images, sometimes it works, but with darker images (with pronounced
graphic lines for example, the reading (light cell?) seem to get confused and the paper is simply ejected. :mad:
I have launched a problem case with Epson tech, but still awaiting feedback to understand how the front feed mechanism works.

Does anyone experience the same issue and is there any remedy/hack/workaround?


I’m reviving this old thread…
There were a couple of messages regarding this post, but they are all gone, I remember that there was a technical problem with the board some time back, so they probably got lost.

Anyway, I have found a workaround that makes it possible to print the GO coat via the front feed on the Epson 2880, it is tricky but works.

So here it goes:

This has to be done with the top lid open. The printer has a security switch that prevents the printer from printing with the lid open, so you will need to put something into that little notch in the middle of the lid, that engages the contact and pretends that the lid is closed.

As usual, you insert and align your print via front feed. As you try to run the GO coat printing step, you will see that the head will run across the print left/right, then it will pull the paper in/out and, finally, should start printing, but it ejects the print instead. I suppose the reason for that is, that the sensor must get confused reading the white paper margins because there is an image on it.

Now comes the tricky part:
I cut a piece of white paper, the width of my print, and insert it all the way into the printing area, but not too close to the small grey rollers situated just after the printing area (towards the back of the printer), as those rollers pull the paper in and out.
On the other end, I hold the paper with my thumb pinched onto the exit tray border so it basically hoovers over the print and it must not move together with the print moving in and out for the sensor reading procedure.
Then I launch the print command, holding on tight to my white paper.
As already mentioned, the printer head will start moving across the print several times, then pull the paper in and out and eventually will start printing.
THAT is the moment you have to quickly withdraw the white sheet of paper.

It took me a couple of tries to figure out the sensor reading procedure and understand exactly at what moment it will start printing.
I recommend trying this with a test print first, there is nothing that could screw up your machine, just make sure that your cover paper does not get pulled in with the actual print during the sensor reading step.

Feel free to contact me for further information, I know this sounds complicated, but after a couple of runs you will get it working.

Good luck!

Hi Sidney~

We have a similar workflow for printing GO, you may find this useful (section titled “Leading edge” at the bottom) :

Best regards and happy printing~ Dana :slight_smile: