Pigment Ink for Epson 1430

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I have a Epson 1430 converted to a flatbed printer and want to use pigment inks in it for their superior longevity, etc.

I have not been able to find much information about people who have done this and what their results and experience has been.

In the InkjetMall store I found the following kit and was wondering how well this works and if there are any things to take into consideration vs the dye inks I am now using: ConeColor Pro Pigment Option 60ml Epson 1400, 1430, 1500W (T79 version) | InkjetMall

Or any other thoughts about the subject :slight_smile:


Maybe Walker can share any knowledge about using pigment inks in the 1430? The store says not to email for tech support, that the forum is for that, but other than the store item I can’t find any information about it.

Dear @trouva pigment printing on this printer is just like any other pigment printer except for that it requires an ICC profile to work correctly.

Also I recommend the pigment route for matte printing really. The Gloss printing is not going to be as glossy as the dye inks on this printer. With Ultra-HD Matte Black ink in the black channel this is an incredibly good printer for archival pigment printing.

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Thanks a lot, Walker :slight_smile:

The way I was going to use this is on wood panels and such surfaces pretreated with something like inkAID inkjet precoating (I tested it already with dye ink, it works quite well) and would, after printing, varnish it with Golden UVLS gloss varnish, which is water-based. When using the inkAID, even my current dye inks won’t run or streak with it, so should be even better with the pigments inks I would think. If streaking is a problem, I can use an archival spray for the first coat (like an isolation coat) so the ink won’t run, then apply the varnish.

Anyway, when I use the glossy or semi-gloss varnishes on the top of the pigment ink, even if it isn’t as glossy as you say, it should pick up color depth and gloss from the varnish, wouldn’t you think? I’m pretty sure it would gain the luster back that way, but I can test.

I noticed that sets, one with 60ml and one with 110ml pigment ink bottles, but I couldn’t find the bottles by themselves for purchasing later on. Do you have a link to these?




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Walker, I have read that some people have some issue with pigment inks in, say, a 1430 and since then came across the InkThrift CL dye ink set (220ml bottle set) that works on the 1430. Would this be pretty fade resistant if I also coat it with Golden isolation coat and UV varnish (water-based)? I’m trying to print on precoated panels but am trying to find an option for the 1430 that is not problematic as far as clogging or banding, but also has reasonable fade resistance. So this would not be merely on photopaper, it would be coated with at least 4 coats of UV protective varnish (which would at least take care of most pollutants I would think).

Any thoughts are appreciated! (Do you guys sell the CL inks in a 110ml bottle set? I just want to try it first.)

So to be sure: I’m concerned about clogging issues when using the pigment ink set. But there is very little real-world information on this out there, hence I’m asking here.


We do not. I believe the CL PK is out of stock as well. You can use our ITPro PK (or out PK Pigment) as an alternative.

99% of clogging on this platform is related to dirty capping/cleaning station (paper fibers!) and low humidity not pigment settle issues.


Thanks so much for the valuable info, Walker. That’ll help me make some decisions. I do have a good source for 1430 printheads and at least they’re cheap enough to where I’m not too worried about clogs if I do use pigment inks.

I noticed that some other ink companies have tried to make pigment ink sets for the 1400/1430/1500 but they didn’t make those interchangeable with other printers. However, the K3 inks here are the same ones offered for other (originally pigment) printers such as the R2400, 3000, P600, etc. So the only difference for 1400/1430/1500 usage is the profiles used, correct?

If this is so, would it not stand to reason I could use the original pigment inks by EPSON (for the above listed printers) for the 1430 if I were able to extract them from cartridges? The original inks do have superior fade resistance. More of an academic question, but just trying to understand this as the K3 inks here marketed for the 1430 are not specific to it.


Technically yes. You would need to custom profile. This model printer has a very different ink ramp so our ICCs for ConeColor would not work for Epson ink on the 1430. Too many different variables. Related to CC ink vs Ep ink, it is true that our ink is not quite as long lasting (but for our grayscale K, LK, LLK inks which are pure carbon and Epson is not). But we offer our Pigment inks for this platform at roughly 87% less per mL cost than Clara Dye if you account for the total mL used and sold (12.1 mL per cartridge of CL dye vs 60mL CCPro bottle). ----> Or pull Epson carts and put into 1430 if you have the source. That is not our business. Use our refill carts though, they are better than anyone else’s out there (we tested everything a few years back and decided to make our own).

And because the 1430 is not an industrial printing platform you will need the waste ink bottle: Small format waste ink kit | InkjetMall


Thanks a lot, Walker.

Curious (to me anyway, probably not to you) that the profile for the Epson ink would be so different than for the ConeColor one, given that the ConeColor seems to close to OEM and some even used it (in some printers, perhaps not the 1430) with default Epson profiles, though I might be wrong about that. Been doing too much research trying to decide on something I can use…

Yeah I was hoping to be able to use the pigment inks for increased longevity over Claria inks, as I intend to sell some small art pieces that will incorporate prints made by this 1430, and would be using an isolation coat, and between 4-6 coats of UVLS coating which would decrease exposure to environmental contaminants and UV, etc. Just not sure if it could last reasonably long if using CC pigment inks over Epson’s. But yeah when using the CC I would have access to profiles.

As I said in the previous post:

Ink ramp (or Lookup Tables) effects how close our inks match OEM. Because we make these inks for printers that have ink ramps that are specifically built for Ultrachrome than we can say the ink matches for those printers. Not so with 1430. It’s not just in the fluid, also in the software (driver). This is also why we do not officially support third party rips and third party (non Epson or IJM) ICCs.

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Yes, the 1430 is converted to flatbed printer (like a DTG printer, but not using it as such) so it has an ink waste bottle already.

Hey Walker, I just ordered the 110ml K3 set with cartridges for the 1430, and the chip resetter.

This set comes with 7 cartridges, so it includes 2 blacks: matte and photo black.

It looks like I will be mainly using inkAID white matter as an inkjet precoating for the panels I’ll be printing on, so this would be a white matte substrate.

However, I will be finish-coating the prints with several coats of clear satin, semi-gloss, or gloss varnishes depending on the piece.

What black do you recommend using, and do you think the newer pigment HD blacks would be preferable and if so which one?

EDIT: I see one called UltraHD matte black as well.

Experiment. Your process (because it is getting lacquered) may work better with the Matte black ink vs Photo black ink. But test and see and try.

Our UltraHD MK is about 30% darker than Epson HDx Matte Black, and 50+% darker than the K3v MK.


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Hi Walker,

I got my K3 inks in yesterday for the 1430, but it is short one black cartridge. In the description of the set it said I would receive 7 cartridges (2 black ones) but I only received 6. If the black is to be shared, it cannot be switched until totally drained out, I can’t believe that is the purpose.


This was a warehouse issue. We’ll get you another K ASAP!!


Thanks, Walker :+1:


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We sent it out today. You’ll have it soon.


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