PiezoPro profiles for Glossy

The new Piezo Pro gloss optimizer is great! But my list of Piezo Pro profiles doesn’t have many gloss options.

After experimenting with HPR and Entrada Natural matte papers, I prefer the PPro print tones I can achieve with Entrada over HPR. So it occurred to me that if different Moab coatings are tonally consistent with one another, then I might want to use Moab Juniper paper as my gloss option.

And this leads to a whole handful of questions:

  1. What present profile for Canson or Hahnemuhle gloss surfaces might come close to Moab Juniper?

  2. Are you making more PPro gloss curves?

(3. Have you already done so and my list needs updating?)

  1. Is a Juniper PPro profile set forthcoming?

  2. And if not, can I order a custom one for $99?

Thx in advance for a lot of advice,


Still hoping for answers from Walker or Jon?


We’re not intimate with Moab Juniper and Moab does not provide any support to Piezography. But, they describe it as a typical fine art baryta glossy paper.

So, you might try Hahnemuhle Photo Silk Baryta or the Hahnemuhle Photo Rag Baryta or the Hahnemuhle Fine Art Baryta curves and see if the results are acceptable to you.

We are not making custom Pro curves. Instead we released a curve making software system called Piezography Professional Edition Tools. For less than the cost of two K7 customs you can buy it. It includes all of the Master Curves required for making customs. You would print these targets and measure with one of the supported spectros (i1, Spyder, Munki) and use the software to generate the curve.

Also if you purchase the tools you can be part of the private Piezography Pro support forum. It’s a fantastic value!

Thank you – I’ll try your suggestions for existing profiles before taking the step of making my own!


These curves are so linear that I would say using the Hahnemuhle Photo Rag Baryta curve for the MOAB juniper paper will work perfectly.

The curve architecture and underlying ink technology is a major update from existing K7 setups. Any of the standard gloss curves (Photo Rag Baryta, Pearl, etc) will work almost perfectly on any of the gloss papers interchangeably.


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