PiezoPro curves for x890 printers?


There are many papers in the supported papers listing

that are not in the provided curves in 7890-Pro directory. Are there more on the way? Is there a timeline for them?


That’s weird. There are 30 papers listed on the page in the link. There are curves for 33 papers (3 for each – cool, neutral, and warm) in the Curves > 7890-9890-Pro folder along with 3 folders of GCO curves and installers for 7890 and 9890. (Mac version – Windows is minus the installers.) Are you sure you are looking in the right folder? Might you be looking in the PiezoDN-Pro folder by mistake?


Screen Shot 2020-03-07 at 8.47.32 PM

Nope looking at the Quad7890-Pro curves installed by the script in the community edition directory. For the x890 the only Epson paper included is the Hot Press, none of the Agawami papers are there and the Moab Entrada Bright is missing too.

I have no idea why you would have a different set of curves than I do, but here is what I have. Unzip it and either replace your folder with this or copy the curves you are missing from this folder to yours.
7890-9890-Pro.zip (655.0 KB)

Thanks I’ll give this a try!

Hmmm… That’s the same set I got. They both don’t match the supported papers list…

Pro curves are pretty universal. Choose the ones for the media type that is nearest.


You are right Guy, the curves supplied and the papers in that list do not match up perfectly. I should have looked closer. But they match more than not. There are curves for 15 Hahnemuhle papers, rather than the 10 in the list; 12 Canson papers, rather than 7; only 1 Epson paper, rather than the 6 listed; and 3 Moab papers, rather than 2, BUT the curves for Entrada are good for both Natural and Bright versions as well as the various weights.

If you look in the 4880-7880-9880-Pro folder you will find curves for 4 more Epson papers. I think you can simply copy these to your 7890-9890-Pro folder. Walker can confirm this.

As for Awagami, I’m not sure if this was a separate download or if it is now included in the community edition, but here are curves for Awagami and uncoated papers:
x8xx_Pro_Awa-and-Uncoated.zip (16.8 KB)
AJIP is Awagami. Don’t worry about “Master” in the name.

This idea of curve universality is not new. I’ve been making use of it as long as I’ve been printing with QTR which goes back to when it was first introduced in 2003. It is especially relevant with an infinitely variable system like PiezoPro. In those days days were a lot of paper “brands” that were repackaging the papers made by a handful of mills. I even made a chart of all the equivalents I figured out. It was kinda crazy. I’m not sure who makes Epson branded papers, but it’s not Epson. They will be very similar to similar papers from Hahnemuhle or Canson.

Hope that helps,

Thanks for this Keith! I get the equivalents thing having used QTR for years. With the Pro inks I wanted to have some reference to start from, so I looked to the supported papers list as the starting place. But since I almost never uses the Hahnemuhle papers (except the fine Bamboo paper) it really reduces the set of known starting points… I’ve done a bit more with the Epson papers so those are less of a mystery…