Piezography Symposium at ICP

A print is worth more than a thousand words, and I have been asked to give a symposium at the International Center for Photography on Friday April 15th from 6-9 PM.

Know that I have been shooting the Monochrom for a bit more than three years; know I use to be a B&W film only guy who went to art school in the 70’s; and that I have only a year and a quarter’s worth of experience with Piezography printing; but understand that I have been printing heavily and extensively.

My inkset of choice is my own version of a warm neutral (shadows) selenium (highlights) splitone. My printer has been a 3880, but I now have a 7800.

Anyways Jon has done the heavy lifting, and I find printing to be turnkey.

If anyone wants to attend the symposium it costs $20.00 to attend, and I need your e-mail to get you through ICP security as the event will take place at ICP’s school near Bryant Park. More info is on Range Finder Forum (RFF) but you have to sign in to see the thread under “Local Clubs.” Understand that attendance is limited to 20 people and as of today, 14 March 2016, we already have a dozen people signed up.

I hope I did not violate any rules here but it is the spirit of sharing information and promoting art. BTW the Leica Monochrom and Piezography is a match made in heaven, and know I am getting large format results.


Dear Cal. Thanks for the post. No violation.

Hello to Phil Block from me if you see him. I’ll social-media tomorrow time-willing.


[QUOTE=walkerblackwell;10710]Dear Cal. Thanks for the post. No violation.

Hello to Phil Block from me if you see him. I’ll social-media tomorrow time-willing.



Been only printing a short time, but my results have been stunning.

Really getting 8x10 resolution and tonal range with the Leica Monochrom. The detail captured really requires Piezography.


I forgot to mention that attendance is limited, and there is an April first deadline to register for the symposium due to required security at the ICP School. PM me for further details. Very close to being closed out.


Cal - I don’t know if the class is full, but, if not, I am interested in attending. Please let me know what I need to do.


I believe we have 13 who will be attending and the close out is at 20. I will PM you with my e-mail and I need your e-mail so I can direct you to Chris who is taking payment via PayPal before April 1st.

Just over the weekend I got my 7800 online and loaded with the warm neutral to selenium splitone I use to make some big prints for this symposium.

Interesting to note the perceive stronger contrast due to the larger size of the highlights on the larger prints even though the contrast is the same. Tonight I will be putting on the gloss overcoat to see the differences between the 20x30 and the 22 1/2x 34 1/2. Already I can see that the 20x30 is a large print, but the 22 1/2x 34 1/2 tips toward being a monster print because the detail seems a lot more in your face.

It seems that everything continues to scale up just revealing more detail as I print bigger. Expect to see and handle many large prints.


I sent PM’s to JD, Robert and Jeremy. If anyone is interested in this event please PM me with your e-mail so I can add you onto the guest list. I will then forward your email to Chris who is handling the $20.00 Paypal payment. The attendance is limited to only 20 slots and at that number there will be a cutoff. Also know that because this event is at the ICP School that there is an April 1st deadline because the guest list has to be submitted to security, even though the symposium is Friday April 15th 6-9 PM.

I hope this adds clarity.


Cal - It ended up that I had to miss this one, but if anything similar comes up in the future, I would definitely be interested and would appreciate it if you would let me know.