Piezography Profiler app

In today’s newsletter, mention is made of the Piezography Profiler app being available in your workshop. Is it still planned to release this to the world at large? From memory, Walker said that he was working on it and its release was imminent.

Release is imminent. (My target is after next week’s PiezoDN workshop.) Mind you, the Piezography Professional Edition key linearization tools require a google account as the formulas are built with Google Spreadsheets and will only be distributed through that service.


Thanks Walker. I’m assuming that this tool will apply to all curves. Piezography Professional Edition key linearisation tools is a new label to me.

This tool-set (Piezography Professional Edition) will work with Piezography curves, will be built for Piezography customers, and will only be sold to Piezography customers. I can’t say how well it will work on other .quads but it will work with all Piezography quads.


Mea culpa, I only use Piezography for B&W . What I meant was for P2, K6, K7 etc.