Piezography Pro options for a P800 (my 7900 has bit the dust)

Well, my trusty 7900 running Piezography Pro has apparently bit the dust. I’ve been having ongoing issues with the Ultra HD Matte Black channel (frequent clogs) and today it appears the head is starting to delaminate. This after having just invested in a LOT of ink. So I’m now left contemplating my options.

If I opt to drop back to a 17" printer, it looks like the P800 (yes I know it is now discontinued) would be a possible choice assuming I could get a decent refurbished model. It doesn’t look promising for the P900 at present since it could be years before the chip protections are circumvented (or possibly never).

I know the P800 uses 9 carts, and the standard setup is a “quad” PPro arrangement (3 Cool, 3 Warm, 2 blacks, one GCO).

Is it possible to run a “quint” PPro setup (4 Cool tone, 4 Warm tone, 1 Black) if I dedicate the printer for matte only printing? I believe this should work fine, I just want to confirm it before I make a move.

You only have 8 channels to play with so I suggest having the cool be a K5 and the warm be a K4. This still gives you the ability to have the dominant (neutral) inks be K5 for fidelity.

That said, you can also just put K ink in your Orange channels and run the same setup on your 7900 for a while with a remap.

Or you could put the MK in the LLK and keep all your curves as-is with a single K to LLK remap.


OK I see now the P800 is only 8 channels for simultaneous printing since the MK/PK is sharing a channel (same as the 7900).

For now I guess this is what I’ll do. It would keep me going at least on matte papers. (I’m already limited to a hybrid K5 Cool/K4 Warm on the 7900 since my Green channel is dead as well; the Orange channel is already mapped for use with the Cool Very Light). Since I have an almost full MK cart, I’ll try to re-chip it for LLK.


I would also recommend that you opt for the chipless solution for you P800. I’ve had my 800 running PP since last November and haven’t had an issue since.