Piezography Pro Community Edition QTR Curves




Where can I find the published list of the QTR curves that comes with the piezography pro community edition?

thank you!


On the Piezography Website there is a Support menu and on that menu is “Supported Papers”


Thank you Jon!


OK. I installed the community edition piezography set. For a supported paper, e.g., Type 2, on a 38XX printer, do you have QTR settings that “approximate” the SPED inkset, as a starting point?


Start with 100% Warm in the shadows, go to neutral in mid-tones, and 100% cool in highlights and then dial it all back towards neutral if it gets too wild.

That is they way to start.



“…go to neutral in mid-tones…” Does that mean 0% in the mid-tones?


By go to Neutral, I mean, use the Neutral curve . . . at 100%.