Piezography Pro Clogging

Wednesday, I installed Peizography Pro Warm ink in an Epson 4880. Everything went well. Two power cleans charged the lines and a few normal cleans flushed out any remaining Piezoclean.

As I said in another thread regarding 4880 problems, my initial test print when well, even printing direct from Photoshop with no linearization, calibration , proper ICC profiles… The print was beautiful.

This morning I was about to purchase the software license but first decided to perform a calibration. I do this for both my printers every Monday, Wednesday and Friday or Saturday.

This morning, every ink channel was clogged. I will skip all the 4880’s problems described in the other thread as the printer is now unclogged and printing ok.

However, I have a huge concern now with the 4880 and Piezograph Pro clogging.

Any insights?

PiezoPro ink just doesn’t clog. Everyone here can attest to that. We go
months without a single nozzle out with zero cleanings on our pro printers.
Did you prime your carts? Are the fill holes open? Did you check your ink
lines for air? Zero nozzles printing usually means something other than ink
clog. It could mean your capping station is not making contact properly or
you have air in the lines from the cartridge switch, etc.


Thank and your response if reassuring. I did prime all the carts and like I said, the initial few prints were fine. Fill holes open. Ink lines are full with ink.

Some history. I was an early adopter of using GO on color prints. This is why I bought the 4880. 7 of 8 channels were filled with Piezoflush. I did not have clogging problems, but would notice bleeding into the GO Channel. Now, it all makes senses, some problem with the capping station.

Any thoughts regarding how to fix a capping station contact problem,

If there is bleeding into the go channel than there is either gunked up (or failed) capping/flushing station, or the damper assembly needs replacement or re-alignment (re-seating) or a combination of both. It’s a bit hard to determine the problem without thorough inspection. I will PM your the repair manual.