Piezography Matte and PZDN-Meth 3



To make both Piezography matte prints, and digital negatives using the Methodology 3 setup, with an Epson 8-ink K3 printer model, ink shades must be installed as per the chart below. P2-matte curves are used for positive matte printing, and P2M-PZDN-Meth 3 curves used for digital negative printing.

Please read our blog post that explains this setup, and includes the P2-matte and P2M-PZDN curves for download, here:

Ink Cartridge Position
Piezography K7 Ink Shade Number
Black Neutral #1 (Matte)
Cyan #2
Magenta #4
Yellow # 2.5 (PZDN)
Light Cyan #3
Light Magenta #5
Light Black #6
Light Light Black # 4.5 (PZDN)