Piezography K7 Selenium Prints are too Dark

I have an Epson 3880 setup with Piezography K7 Selenium ink, I use Cone Type 5 paper, QTR, I use the curve for the Type 5 paper, I an using a PC running Windows 10 64bit. This problem started over a year ago out of the blue. My ink is not out of date. Nozzle checks are always good. The prints appear to me to be about one stop overexposed.
Qtr settings are EpsonStylus Pro, Quad3880-K7,2880 dpi, Uni-directional, Photo Ink, sheet Feed, Photo Paper, 3800-3880-MPS-Type5, ver.
I also want to use the print to make PiezoDN negatives. I am still trying to figure that one out, however, I thought I should find a solution to the dark print problem first. For now I am not using the 3880 to make B7W prints I am using an Epson P800.

Thanks, Jim

That is a very old curve you are using.

You can download the new curves here: Piezography Community Edition | Piezography

You’ll want to use the K7-SEL-Type5.quad curve (find the curve in the >Curves>3800-3880-K7 folder after unzipping the windows version and copy to the curve folder inside of C:/ProgramFiles/QuadToneRIP/QuadTone/(Your Piezography Printer Model)). This newer curve will print lighter.



Thank you that has helped. I just received an InkjetMall Newsletter talking about using the new HD black with K7 inks. I use the K7 Selenium will it work with that and most important will there be a new curve for the new black.