Piezography K7, P2 and Digital Negative Curves and Ink Placement Charts

Please note: This is an historic document. For updated procedures and workflows please see our PiezoDN Product. PiezoDN supports legacy inksets too with added benefits like full linearization.

Follow these charts to install Piezography ink shades into your Epson printer, depending on what Piezography setup you wish to use. Please check the bottom of this page for links to download Piezography curves for different setups listed below, and make sure to use the correct Piezography curves for the specific setup you’re using.

*K7 curves are included with the QuadTone RIP download for most printers, but need to be downloaded and installed for the R3000, 7890/9890 and 4900/7900/9900 printer models. Follow the links below to download curves for these printers.
R3000-K7 curves: http://www.piezography.com/PiezoPress/technical-support/epson_r3000_installation/
7890/9890-K7 curves: http://www.piezography.com/PiezoPress/technical-support/epson-7890-9890-installation/
4900/ 7900/ 9900-K7 curves: http://www.piezography.com/PiezoPress/technical-support/epson-pro-4900-7900-9900-installation/

*Piezography2 “P2” curves can be downloaded here: http://www.inkjetmall.com/tech/content.php?165-Piezography-2-Matte-and-Gloss-for-K3-printer-models

*Digital Negative curves for Methodology 1 (regular) and Methodology 3-v2 can be downloaded here: http://www.piezography.com/PiezoPress/blog/piezography-digital-negative-update/

*The x800/x880 Digital Negative Methodology 1-v2 HYBRID curve is available here: [ATTACH]809[/ATTACH]

*X900 Digital Negative (Meth 1 + Meth 3) curves are available here: [ATTACH]808[/ATTACH]

*P2M curves for the Piezography 2 matte and Digital Negative system can be downloaded here: http://www.piezography.com/PiezoPress/blog/piezography2-digital-negative-and-print-system/

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