Piezography Ink consumption per square unit?

We have been running tests in our printing studio and we now feel ready to offer our clients full Piezography Pro printing services. We are in the process of establishing a price list.

Has anyone any idea of the cost or the consumption of ink (using full Piezography Pro ink set) per square meter / foot print?

I realize that it all depends on the type of print, the type of paper and probably other factors. But say that we are printing a heavily saturated print on matte cotton textured paper, to be on the safe side?

I would be most grateful for any reliable data in that field!

Also any idea as to the consumption of ink each time an Epson printer (9900 in my case) performs a full standard clean? This should also be part of the cost equation, of course.

I replied to this on a different forum I think.


Hi Eitan

I just happen to be updating my price list this week and was looking at some of my ink consumption numbers yesterday

I have the Piezo Pro ink-set installed in a 9800, with MK in the K channel. I have just printed 3x identically sized images for a client, printing to a heavyweight cotton rag.

The image size is 575x390mm (you will need to do the conversion to inches) each

I then printed out a Job History from the 9800 which gave me ink consumption totals of 4.76ml, 4.60ml and 4.69ml respectively.

Printing 85%N 15%W at 2880 dpi

Hope this helps


Many thanks Neil!
This is indeed the data I was looking for.
Be blessed!
Thanks again,