Piezography i1pro targets

Hello - I am trying out my i1pro scanner and I am following the piezography curve calibration tutorial. When I open Piezography>images>targets, I do not see i1profiler. I have colormunki, colorport and spyder. Where do I find the i1pro target folder? Can anyone help? Thanks.

Make sure you install the most recent version of the community edition: Piezography Community Edition | Piezography

Then it should be here:
Screen Shot 2022-06-27 at 1.46.24 PM


Thank you Walker. Jean

Walker - Do I use the i1profiler 21 steps x 16 file or the limiter file you sent me to do photogravure and DTP gravure? Jean

You use the Limiter target to limit (before calibration) so you don’t have open bite.

Then you use the 21x16 target to print a target, measure, and calibrate.


Thank you Walker again

OK so,
step 1. print a step wedge on poly plate to find exposure time.
step 2. print limiter with a master curve on poly plate, with given exposure time, expose, develop, dry
step 3. print limiter plate on etching press, let dry
step 4. take measurements of the intaglio printed plate print with i1pro??
if so where do I get the work flow document for the limiter in i1pro? or what do I do with the the information I got from the limiter - such as the last 7 steps open bit - where do I record that number?
I’m stuck. please help. Thanks

somewhere in there you are missing the “actually limit the curve” bit.

We’ll need to do another zoom possibly but basically you need to load the curve you are using into PPEv2 and then remove the measurements that are in there, and then set the shadow start point to 7 (or whatever the “it’s-no-longer-open-bite” patch is). Then you’ll copy the “New Curve” out of PPEv2, paste over the the old curve, save, install it, and print the i1Pro v2 21x16 target with that limited curve.

At THAT point after etching the 21x16 target you are ready to measure and linearize using the workflow in this video:


Hi Walker - Yes I will definitely need to do another zoom with you. I saw your next DTP workshop. I wish that I could take it but I will be at a residency in the Catskills at that time. Next week, August 22-26, I would be available on Tuesday 8/23 after 11am or Thursday 8/25 after 1pm. Do you have anytime then? Thanks. Jean