Piezography Expiration Dates

Dana or,

Just ordered and received a full selenium ink set and all but one shade, Shade 6 “PZK7-Sel-700-6” lot#130625 showing expire 06/16, have between 1-2 years out expires. Is this one shade a bit old stock? I print a fair amount of glossy , will I start to see problems with this shade 6 before the others? Not sure if I’ll use the whole set in less than a year.


No, it’s not old. It is our current stock. Some people print our inks after five years, but we give them a two year shelf life as does Epson. Just keep the portion you are not using tightly sealed. You will use more shade 6 than shade 1 for example. A lot more. But, if you do not intend to print 700ml ink within a year or two - you would be better served buying smaller bottles. Our inks if kept shaken will last a long time. It is very very high standard chemistry.

Thanks Jon,

Didn’t consider that shade 6 will be consumed at a pretty high rate. Not going to worry about it.