Piezography "Exit" strategy (storing printer for a while)

Hey guys,

I never get tired of saying this: but first of all thank you for an awesome product :slight_smile:

I am going to be putting my epson 7880 in storage for a while - and there is still some ink left in the cartridges.
My thought was to try to use as much of this ink printing as possible. So my basic idea was to basically clean a cartridge first with distilled water, and then fill it with piezoflush - whenever it becomes close to empty. They of course have different ink levels all of them so far, so eventually this would mean that one ink line would become filled with flush solution earlier than the others, and the printer would be useless for printing after that fact - but at least I’ve minimized my wastage of your fine ink. And then I was thinking of doing a power clean to flush all the ink lines so that the printer is completely filled with flush solution.

Is this strategy plausible or am I missing something obvious?

Also I am wondering how low can I allow the cartridges to go before cleaning them with distilled water and filling them with flush solution? Can I let them go completely empty or should there be a few miliimeters ink left when I refill it with flush?

We just take a set of carts, fill with PiezoFlush and run the INIT FILL from the control panel. We store 7880s all the time like this if we are not using for 2 or more months.

It would take at least 3 POWER CLEANS to do the same as an INIT FILL and move the PiezoFlush from the cart through the ink lines into the print head.

Hi Jon,

Yes I’ve done that previously when doing the conversion. My point was more I would like to actually use the ink instead of flushing it out - I.e just replacing the cartridges one by one when they run low (they are quite low already) with piezoflush, and then finally when piezofluish appears on the first print, then do one or two init fills to get piezoflush to the head on all the remaining ink lines - just wondering if there is any flaws in this theory?

You mean install PiezoFlush if 1 or more carts run low and then print until you start seeing a faint pink cast…

I suppose you need to just keep a keen eye for the faint pink cast as it begins mixing inside of the ink damper with the ink. You would not notice that with shades 1-3 for quite a while… lighter shades would be more apparent…