Piezography Community Edition Windows is Out of Beta

Piezo Community Edition for Windows is finally out of beta. The reason for this is that the curves are now all installed by installer (instead of manually copy-and-pasting). SoftProof ICCs are also installed with an installer.

I have updated the ReadMe.pdf that comes with this download as well as the change-log at Piezography Community Edition | Piezography

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I realise that this is major progress, but is there any chance of a version that we can manually unpack, rather than installing everything?

The installers are just that. They allow you to install (aka unpack) at whatever location you want. By default they unpack to the QTR curve folder “QuadTone” thus installing them into the right location, but if you send this to the desktop it will create a folder called QuadTone on the desktop with all the curves.

Screenshot for example:

00 AM


Hi Walker,

Is Version 2.02 meant to be a complete package? I don’t see any Pro printer folders for the 7900 or 9900.


So sorry!

I’ve added the Pro K5 and Pro K4 curves for the 7900 and 9900.



Hmmm, looks like something went a bit haywire in the build of the 2.021 zip file. The Readme file is different than in 2.02 and refers to installation on the Mac. The manual is back in a Documentation folder that didn’t exist in 2.02. Also I see .DS_Store files back in the folders again. Seems like the latest 2.021 zip file got built with a mixture of Mac file structure with the .exe files for windows laid on top. I don’t think this is what you intended. Can you verify or correct?


It was late at night so I will debug the debug now . . .


All fixed. Although I did not see .ds_store files to delete.


Thanks. Looks good now.

By the way, the likely reason you are not seeing the .ds_store files is that they are marked with a “hidden” attribute and you probably have your Windows File Explorer set to the default which is to not display files with the “hidden” attribute set. From long experience with Windows I ALWAYS setup File Explorer to show hidden files and this has saved my butt on many occasions when trying to debug things.