Piezography BW with Epson P600 bought in UK?

I’m planning to set up to print with Piezography BW (Pro or Special Edition, and PiezoDN) on a dedicated Epson P600, yet to be bought in the UK? My reading of the site seems to imply there is a problem? I’d be very grateful for any advice on setting up at this stage.

There is no problem. We have hundreds of people on that platform. But I think you’ll need auto reset chips for the EU version of the P600. I would still get our 60mL oversized carts but just get a set of the EU coded chips.


Thanks Walker - I’m afraid I need a lot of help to take this plunge into Piezography BW. Yours was the only response, so I guess I didn’t ask specific enough questions for forum members. I would be really grateful for any advice :slight_smile:

I’m finding the website very confusing, partly because I don’t know whether to get a P600 or P800. Some of the ink options don’t seem to be available for both? I don’ t need 17" but will get it if gives a wider supported ink choice, or is better hardware.

I like Special Edition inks, but also the Warm Neutral and Platinum, as well as PiezoDN - does this mean I have to buy Piezogaphy Pro as well?

I could with knowing everything I need to get to get going, and costs.


I think you need to call us and talk to Wells as this is a pre-sales question that he can answer.