Piezography and Epson P800

If I understood correctly, the main reason the current generation of Epson printers is not supported is because the version sold in US prevents the usage of non-original carts. However, this doesn’t apply to the one sold in Europe.

So the question is: if I buy one in Europe (I live there) would I be able to use it with Piezography? Have you created the curves to use it with QTR?

We see little microlines with Qtr and the p800 due to the precision of the head nozzles and decade old code in qtr. So I’m currently building a new driver that we will release for the surecolors. Our “proof of concept” code printed at the highest quality I’ve seen in 16 years of professional printmaking. That said, if you want to get started sooner than later qtr will give you acceptable results on matte paper. Use the 3880 curves.

I’ve noticed that the SureColor family of printers are now listed as supported for Piezography and PiezoDN. Maybe I missed it, but I think not much resonance has been given by Inkjetmall on this major breakthrough.

Walker, can you share some details? Any limitations (except the known problem with refillable carts of the US version)? You mentioned you had to write a custom driver, is it included in the current version of QuadtoneRIP? And it also improves the results with the previous generation is printers (R2000, R3000, R3880)?

Thanks for the prompt reply, Walker. I’m still using an R2000 with Piezography, so I have no hurry, I can wait for you to finalize the new driver. I asked just to plan for the future. So good job and keep us informed about the progress.

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No problems.

P400, P600, P800 are supported.

Very good printers!

We published this on our newsletter but haven’t marketed this enough because we are just artists and developer of tech primarily ;).


QTR now supports Super Microweave on the SureColor 17 and smaller printers. This enables proper PiezoDN for K6 and K7 ink sets. Pro ink still requires a beta driver for PiezoDN (on all printers including SC printers).


The new driver will also work quite well on the R2000 as we are building it for the P400 which is the R2000’s newer cousin.


Great news Walker. If your efforts are successful:

  1. If using the Cone SureColor inks, will we need to create entirely new ICC profiles for our P800 printers which were used with the paper manufacturers ICC profiles or with bespoke profiles made specifically for our printer?

  2. For those interested, if one desires to use the P800 for Piezography, I assume that one can simply use the IJM carts and the Cone inks in another P800 dedicated for black and white printing. Am I correct in my thoughts. Will IJM make appropriate ICC profiles available for a range of papers?

One could then have two of the relatively moderate priced and thus far reliable P800 printers and use one for color and the other for black and white printing.


  1. We will come out with a large set of P800 ICCs when we are able to launch ConeColor ink for that printer (we have to get an EU printer in to this as all of the US ones are locked currently).

  2. Related to Piezography, yes you are correct.