Hi Dana- I finally ordered the piezo flush kit for my Epson 4800 and am in the process of running head cleaning and nozzle check programs until I get pink printouts on all the lines. Two cartridges still remain to print pink and the magenta is still on the dark pink side. My question is: should the piezo solution remain in the printer via their cartridges for a period of time once all lines are pink in order to thoroughly clear the lines? I have had so much clogging problems with the 4800 in the past ( due to low usage) that I want to take this process to total completion. What do you recommend?

Hi Frank~

After installing the PiezoFlush carts, exactly what type of cleaning cycle did you do to get PiezoFlush thru the lines (regular cleaning cycles, power cleaning cycles or initial fill)? Are all air vent holes open on the refill carts? We have flushing instructions that explain how to flush different pro model printers, here: http://www.inkjetmall.com/tech/content.php?140-Flushing-Epson-Pro-and-desktop-model-printers-for-safe-long-term-storage-or-when-switching-inks

Have you cleaned the printer’s capping station, wiper blade, flushing box and/or bottom of the print head? If not, I recommend you do by following our instructions, here: http://www.inkjetmall.com/tech/content.php?133-Printer-Cleaning-and-Preventative-Maintenance
Have any parts been replaced in this printer, such as dampers, wiper blade, capping station, flushing box and/or print head? If so, what parts and how long ago were they replaced?
Are all 8 channels printing on the nozzle check? If you’ve been dealing with clogging due to infrequent use, than you may have dried ink on the capping station, bottom of the print head or other parts, as well as particle build up in the dampers, which can also restrict ink flow and give clogging like symptoms. If you’re been dealing with clogging, then yes- I recommend letting PiezoFlush sit in the ink lines for at lest 24 hours to give it time to work better.

Please let me know so I can help, thanks~ Dana :slight_smile:

I spend half the year in the UK and half in France. I have a horrible Canon Pixma Pro-1 photo printer in the UK and a wonderful Epson Stylus Pro 3880 in France, so I do most of my colour printing in France. On the printer I had in France until last year, an HP B9180, I had endless trouble with heads blocking over the winter but at least the heads were user replaceable. However heads became unavailable for that printer and the paper feed was dying as well, so when Epson offered reconditioned ex-display 3880’s in France last year for just €450, I went for one of them.

Knowing how expensive a visit from an Epson technician was to replace any blocked heads, I bought a set of the Piezography carts and a 700mm bottle of Piezoflush, last summer. It is quite a fiddly, lengthy and somewhat messy process setting the carts up for the first time, moving the chips over, filling and priming each cart. Also when installed, you have to do 6 deep cleans, 3 for each of photo black and matt black. I did wonder if I could have gotten away with three deep cleans, changing over black inks after two cleans then just doing a couple of black ink swaps but did not want to risk it.

Having now got back to France, with some trepidation I reinstalled the original Epson Carts and did three deep cleans. I was absolutely delighted that on the first nozzle check, I got a perfect result and the subsequent prints I would say were better than the ones I did last autumn. I would without hesitation, recommend the Piezography carts and Piezoflush to anyone like me who needs to store an Epson printer over a few months. Not only does it prevent the heads blocking but cleans them out over the storage period.