PiezoFlush question

Along with my purchase of P2/PiezoDN inks for my Epson P400 printer, I purchased a second set of cartridges and a 110 ml PiezoFlush kit. I had read (or heard) that it was good idea to have a set of cartridges filled with PiezoFlush on hand, and to install these in the printer whenever the printer would lie idle for an extended period of time, say during a monthlong vacation.

Assuming this is correct, my question follows: When filling the new cartridges with PiezoFlush, do I follow the filling procedure for brand new cartridges in insert 106https://shop.inkjetmall.com/site/techdocs/1400-1900-2000-2880-RCS-Inst-106.pdf exactly as I would when filling cartridges with ink? If so, it would mean filling the cartridges fully, which would use up the entire bottle of PiezoFlush. Is it OK to fill the cartridges only partially? If filling partially, is there a special method of filling? Or just fill in the normal way, except not to the top?

Yes. Follow the same PDF instructions. Leave a bit of room at top so it doesn’t spill out.