Piezoflush problem in epson 4880


I’ve just loaded piezoflush into the cart preparatory to using the pro inkset.

One of the chips will not reset - it stays red.(black) Additionally, the message ‘Set Ink crtg’ comes up on the printer display and all of the carts are showing empty. Is this due to a faulty chip?

What is the solution?


Found the problem. One of the carts was not in correctly. Have now run Initial fill. It stopped at 99%. I presume this is OK?

I am having similar problems. For some reason, my 4880 has become “finicky.” This started about a month ago during a power clean with Piezoflush. The power clean became stuck in an endless cycle. Power off/on would restart the power clean. Finally, and I forget now what I did, I was able to abort the power clean cycle and all was fine.

This week, I purchased a set of Piezo Pro Warm. The installation went fine and my test print, without any calibration, linearization or even a proper paper profile, was beautiful.

Today, I was about to buy the proper software and such but first I decide to perform my normal clean followed by a calibration print – ever channel was clogged.

Back to a power clean, cycling and new problems – carts suddenly not recognized (reinsertion fixed that) then an error about Incorrect Carts! I have never seen this before.

So, I reset every cart and that solved all the problems. Printing well again but I am concerned that the Pro ink clogged so quickly.

I tried replying by email and somehow it didn’t work.

But long story short, Piezo Pro ink does not clog. We go months on our printers without a single nozzle out to the point where we are forgetting to do nozzle checks (it makes us lazy on Cone Editions).

I think you have air gap between your head and capping station, or something else is funky re: pressure between carts and head. This is an un-pressurized printer but if their and air block somewhere it can cause a small amount of back pressure that could suck air into the head during rest which would show as full clog in the morning fixed by one cleaning . . .