Piezoflush printing from K-6 inks in 2880

Just printed 6 8x10 prints on my R2880 with K6 MK ink and the first three were fine but the 4th has a slight pink band near the top. The LLK has piezoflush in it but it really shouldn’t ever fire should it?

Can you do a nozzle check and post it on this thread? I’d like to take a look. Sometimes it can show if there are any adjacent inks slipping into a nearby channel which can happen on this printer in particular.


Here is the nozzle check, but it’s difficult to see clearly. I’ll also upload the photo where I noticed the problem recently._DSC2495%20Piezo%20problems


If you are printing on a gloss paper with K7 ink (and the old WN1 black ink) there could be a small amount of the LLK channel printing at same time as ink to compensate for a small amount of highlight bronzing that can take place on the second Gloss pass. If you zip and upload your curves folder I can take out this from the LLK channel.


No actually I’m printing with K7HD Matt. Here is the Curves folderR2880-K6.zip (612.8 KB)

Still having this problem. I tried again today and even got two blobs of piezoflush at the bottom of the image . Any Ideas? IMG_2076%20piezoflush

Your PF channel/cartridge is leaking. This is the problem.

If you have a backup cartridge you can take the chip off this one and put it on your backup. Fill it with Gloss Optimizer (or distilled water) and place in printer. Do a few cleanings and test.

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