PiezoFlush out / Ink in = Blue Cast

Was going overseas for a month, so took out the ink cartridges, and placed PiezoFlush in some new first time used cartridges, and placed them in the 1430 to sit out the time.
Got back… and yesterday, took out the PiezoFlush cartridges, and after refilling the ink cartridges, which had been stored with Scotch Tape over the ink exit, and vent holes, and stored in zip lock bags, fired up the printer. It did its cleaning job. Then did an alignment and a nozzle check. All was well with the colors, and are what they should be on the check.
So went ahead and printed out an image which had a blue cast. Since it was a new edited image, called up an older image with colors and grey scale, and printed that. Also has a blue cast.
Hmmm… So printed to my wife printer… no cast with either image.
So it has to be the printer… not the monitor or the computer win 10 machine as printed the image off my old xp laptop and off the 1430 it also gives a blue cast also. =Printer
Any suggestions. … :confused:

What ink set are you using?

Did you shake the carts before untaping and inserting them? There could have been settling.


No, had not shook them up, they all were pretty low, so they had some ‘disturbance’ as they were filled. Did shake the bottles of ink before refilling them.
Using ink thrift : CL
BTW changed nothing in the 1430 settings, before I left… printed fine.

Update.. Did several head cleanings, yesterday, thinking maybe not all the PiezoFlush got cleared out.  Tested again, no change.
Took my cartridges of Cone Color Pro, and put them in, didn't think of changing the profile, and it to printed with a blue hue cast
Then changed the 1430 to grey scale only..   and (of course) no blue hue, so that's good.  

As remembered, one does not have to change a profile for the CL inks, just the printer profile, correct?

It’s the light cyan cart…
Took the ink LCyan cart out and replaced with a piezo cart.
Printed a color test, no greys, where greys were suppose to be, just a reddish pink (piezoflush) with a couple blue bands.

So instead printed half a page of 8.5 x 11 grey, larger area, had faint bands of blue going through it, where it cycled with its printing setting as text photo.
So took a bounty paper towel, wet with piezoflush and cleaned the bottom of the cart housing.

Printed again, still faint bands of blue, so printed three half pages until the faint blue lines where gone. and it was just all reddish pink.
Put back in the light cyan cart with its ink, and same o same o. Blue tint …

Sorry for the delay, I was teaching all day yesterday.

The first step to delving into this issue is to do a nozzle check. This will determine exactly which nozzles may be out. Most likely, you actually have a Yellow nozzle out.

The second thing to do is to put the Epson OEM inks into the printer and test with those. This will determine if there is a head issue or if it is simply an issue with old cartridges.

My guess is that you have 1 or more cartridges that has become plugged. These cartridges do not like to sit around for a full year out of a printer.


Nozzle check was ok see post #1, but of course it’s hard to see the yellow. I’ll print a grey back ground on my wife’s HP office jet, and let it dry and then print a new nozzle check to see the yellow better.

Have no Epson OEM inks on hand, but did try printing with different ink and carts (Cone Color Pro) see post #3, … no difference.

Ink carts where not sitting around for a year, see post #1, they were out for maybe four weeks. When I stored them, had scotch tape the vent and ink exit, and placed, individually, into six snack zip lock bags.

So will do a nozzle check again on grey as explained above, and report back…
Question… should just go ahead and just do a head cleaning of all six… with PizeoFlush… anyway?
The carts with PizeoFlush were in there, so didn’t think that would be needed and after it did its clean as usual, the nozzle check looked ok… thought everything was fine.

Well against the grey didn’t help… did another on plain paper with mag glass… all seems to be well with yellow…
What to do now?

Sorry, missed the nozzle check note on the top post.

This is what I suggest. Take a brush, tip it into each cartridge and brush onto matte paper.

Do the same from your ink bottles and make sure the ink from the carts matches the ink from the bottles.

You may find that one of the ink cartridges was miss-filled.

If your nozzles are fine, cartridges are the same as they were when the printer was working (not blue). The only thing that could have changed is the filling of the ink. This was the only variable. Cyan could have gotten into the Light Cyan cartridge.


Da, !!!

Light Cyan = Cyan oh my… filled it by mistake… with Cyan and not LC
Took Light Cyan ConColorPro and inserted that cart in, after flushing the light cyan head.
Success … No blue cast

Now, have no empty carts.. what should one do?
A) Empty LC cart (filled with Cyan) and fill with LC
B) Empty PiezoFlush out of that new cart and fill with LC
c) Order new cart and print with LC ConColor Pro until get new cart? 

or another idea that you may have...

The LC cart can be emptied (suck with a syringe with a blunt tip needle attached, from the fill hole), filled with distilled water, emptied again, and then filled with LC.


Ok will do… thank you very much…