PiezoFlush liquid got between external and internal walls in cartridge



First time filling out cartridges and decided to get started with Piezo Flush before filling out the set of Piezography ink cartridges for my Epson 3880. My nephew offered to help, and somehow managed to get fluid to get in between the inner and outer walls of the cartridges. Is that a problem? Is there a way to clean it and/or will it leak into the printer when installed?




Hi René~

If fluid went between the inner and outer cartridge wall during filling due to not being injected directly into the fill hole (or overflowing from the fill hole), this is fine and won’t effect the cartridge function. BUT, if the fluid is there due to a leak in the inner membrane, this would cause problems with the cartridge. To check, you can carefully remove the plastic side wall by pulling it straight off the cartridge body with your fingers (don’t use anything to pry if off, or you could easily puncture the thin membrane under neath). Gently wipe the inner membrane and outer plastic wall to clean off PiezoFlush, then check to make sure the inner membrane isn’t leaking fluid before reattaching the outer plastic wall (make sure it’s flat and fully secured before installing the cart into your printer).

Please let me know if you have further questions or there’s anything else I can help you with.
Best regards~ Dana :slight_smile:


Thanks Dana,

These are brand new carts, and it was due to fluid overflow when filling it. When they are empty, I’ll remove the outer walls to clean the fluid there.



Ok, sounds good :slight_smile: