PiezoFlush into both MK and PK channels on a 9800

Hello, I have searched the forum without luck so hoping someone can help me? I am flushing out a 9800 with PiezoFlush prior to loading PiezoPro inks. I am going to want to print both gloss and matte and have ordered the Pro set that includes both. I have done an initial fill with the flush, PK is loaded. But I guess I will need to flush out the MK as well? Do I just go through the standard ‘change PK to MK ink’ procedure but using flush? Any hints or tips?

Dear Neil. The 9800 does not have dual MK/PK support so you will need to choose one black ink (MK or PK) and run with that. When you make a decision to switch your printer to the other black ink you will need to take that other filled cartridge and put the chip from whatever black cartridge you have in the printer onto that new black cartridge. This way the printer will not force you to do a black ink change. You would then (at this point) print 24x90 inches of the Black flush image on some cheap bond paper type roll and the new black will have gotten from the cartridge through the head.


Hi Walker, thanks for this. Ok so I obviously hadn’t understood properly how the system works. I had assumed I was going to have a Piezo MK cart and a Piezo PK cart and swap them out as needed, following the normal (painful) Epson 9800 routine of changing MK to PK and vice versa. From what you are saying I am instead going to have 2x K carts, one with MK ink and one with PK ink - but both with the same chip (i.e. both MK or both PK) and when I want to switch I just purge the line? Looking forward to getting into using the Piezo Pro inkset that I have heard so much about, thanks again!

This is correct.


Hi Walker,
I have loaded my 9800 with PiezoPro inks. I originally had the MK cart installed. I switched to the PK cart, I am trying to purge the line using the 'K Purge" file, but i am printing and printing and it all looks the same to me? I can’t tell whether the PK has come through yet? Is there any trick to tell when the PK has come through?