Piezoflush for storage, 9890

We have a 9890 at our college. During the summer when students are away and the printer will lie idle, I install P-flush using IJM carts. One Initial Fill cycle with P.F. leaves some (rather faint) color in each channel. This year, I’ve tried adding a normal cleaning after one Initial Fill—with no apparent change in the nozzle check. So I added a low-level clean from the special maintenance menu, then the SC-3 option from that menu. Even after all that, I still see ink color in a nozzle check. I just ran a second Initial Fill, which finally resulted in an all-pink nozzle check.

Is it necessary to purge absolutely all the ink from the lines and head, to achieve safe storage? What has been your experience with Initial Fill with these 44" printers?

I have used Piezoflush for over-winter storage of my 3880, which sits unused and powered down from mid October to mid April every year in my French house. It has worked beautifully. I do two ink changeovers between matt and photo black and then two intensive cleans at each change from Piezoflush to OEM Epson ink and back again. I seem to get full colour after doing that. This has worked for three winters now. I had to clean out the ink station, wiper and head this year to get rid of minor black smears. The ink station was very messy. As the maintenance pack was almost full, I changed that as well.


It is not necessary to totally eliminate all color from the residual pigment in the dampers after 1 initial fill.

Your procedure of 1 initial fill and then rest is fine.