PiezoFlush cleaning

I have an Epson R3000 with a severely clogged MK ink flow. I have tried clearing it several times by placing a pad soaked in Magic Bullet under the printhead, no improvement.

My question is if it would be worthwhile trying to clear it by inserting a refillable cartridge for Epson R3000 printers filled with PiezoFlush solution and then just running nozzle checks or simply setting it to print a black rectangle, using the Advanced B&W photo setting, thereby forcing the printer to, in effect, flush the MK tube/nozzle.

Basically, I am trying to avoid performing an Initial Fill/Ink Charge Cycle using the Windows-only Epson Adjustment Software as outlined here:

Any thoughts/advice on this would be greatly appreciated.

Many thanks - christian

Dear Christian. I think the problem here is that you either have some serious gunk in the damper/head or you have air in the line/damper or both. In this case you actually do need to purge with an initial fill because this re-primes the entire ink flow/direction. Single cleanings (or putting flush on one side of the clog or another) won’t actually get into where it the problem is.


Many thanks, Walker, looks like I will have to go that way, miss having my printer!