PiezoFlush Carts


Do PiezoFlush carts need a chip? I am setting up for piezography.

I have two sets of empty refillable carts, one for PiezoFlush and the other set for the inks. I will use my 3880 printer, it’s still loaded with the Epson ink carts, ready to be replaced with initially flush and then ink.



Yes. The read the instructions that came with the cartridges and it will tell you what to do.

Links to both cartridge and piezography instructions are also found here: http://piezography.com/technical-support/



The instructions ( included with the products I bought from ijm as well as on the link you provided) are for the ink cartridges as far as I can tell, I’ve read them, please correct me if I’m wrong.

Can you be more precise and indicate were exactly I can find written info about the need for chips on the PiezoFlush filled carts prior to inserting them intro the printer?



I (finally) found the info in the products section of IJM, so no need to look further, thanks for your time.


Follow the link above and look at the STEP 2 column where it says “USING IJM CARTRIDGES”. Then click the link for Epson Pro 3800 / 3880.



PiezoFlush is [I]just the liquid[/I] so the cartridges and workflow are exactly the same.