PiezoDN Updated with support for P400, P600, P800, P6000-P9000


Hello everyone. PiezoDN has been updated (Windows and Mac versions) with support for the P400, P600, P800, P6000, P7000, P8000, and P9000.

This is for non-pro (selenium, carbon, etc) ink sets.

Download here: https://piezography.com/downloads/piezodn/
Purchase here: http://shop.inkjetmall.com/Piezography-PiezoDN-digital-negative-system.html
You will need the most recent version of QTR here: http://www.quadtonerip.com/html/QTRdownload.html

For those who have purchased PiezoDN and have Pro ink and want to participate as a beta tester for the VERY EARLY beta driver for PiezoDN, you can apply for the Beta here: https://piezography.com/piezography-driver