PiezoDN on a 9800?

I have looked at the website and searched the forum but still bit confused so am posting my question here…
I have the Piezo Pro inks loaded in a 9800. Running on macOS 10.14, using PPE v2.2.1, printing through QTR and Print Tool and using an i1Pro2 to linerize curves.
Up until now have been printing only on paper. Am wanting to add PiezoDN. Am I right in saying that I would need to purchase the ‘PiezoDN’ software package - and that is all? The Piezography site says that the pro inks are not optimized for PiezoDN? And I would need the ‘beta piezo driver’? Has the new driver improved the situation with PiezoDN and Pro inks?
Many thanks and apologies if this has been covered before and I would then appreciate been pointed to the right place,