PiezoDN for pt/pd

Hoping someone can help me locate these curves

Well, PiezoDN has a curve that is built for Palladium printing so you should
start your calibration process with that .quad. The second choice is to use the
“master” .quad that comes with each PiezoDN printer and then limit that for your given
density requirements. This second path is chosen when calibrating for wildly different
Using a pre-calibrated PiezoDN .quad
This is easy. Sometimes if you choose this, you’ll find out you can skip the entire
calibration process and just print! Choose the .quad that you think will work the best for
your process. If you are doing silver prints, find the .quad that is built for silver. If you are
doing Platinum or Palladium, find the .quad that is built for Platinum or Palladium. You
can find these quads by reading the ReadMe.pdf in each PiezoDN Curve folder.
After you have made your choice of pre-calibrated .quad you can skip the limiting
procedure and go right to “Printing the 129 Step Linearizer Target”. If you need to limit
a .quad, continue right here . .

I HAVE ATTEMPTED TO OPEN JUST ABOUT EVERYTHING I CAN (ooops, upper case)… regardless I am unable to locate the Thanks, James

After downloading PiezoDN from here: Download PiezoDN | Piezography

On Mac: >Applications>Piezography>Curves>…

On PC: Open Zip file and then >Piezography>Curves>…


Your security preferences allow installation of only apps from the App Store and identified developers.
Hey Walker,
Enjoy your weekend… this message appears when I attempt to open/load your PiezoDN.dmg
Is there a way to bypass this BS? I went through my security (apple pref’s), turned off ‘Firewall’ figuring that was the block… it apparently wasn’t. Is there another ‘firewall’ type of system I should look for?
Thanks Walker,
James M Locke

When the warning comes up simply click “Open Anyway” If you don’t see that when opening the install for the first time go to Sys Prefs, Security, look at the bottom of the window and click “Open Anyway” there.

QTR requires the same rigamaroll. The BS and Apple BS. I will have apple certified installers at some point soon.



“Install-PiezoDN_v2.3.pkg” is on the disk image “PiezoDN.dmg”. Google Chrome downloaded this disk image yesterday at 10:03 PM from piezography.com.

Double click the .pkg to install. This is how you install applications.


Sorry Walker but I’ve another question: this app I loaded (???, somehow it opened and I loaded into applications folder; PizeoDN), and this is the ‘app’ that has the curves that mimic film base for pt/pd correct?
I should just load a neg from PS into the print, and put in the pt/pd curve and bingo… ?

Hope you don’t answer this before tomorrow, you need the weekend to rest from idiots like me… 

Thanks Walker,

You need to read both the ReadMe welcome message in >Applications>Piezography and also the manual on what PiezoDN actually is in >Applications>Piezography>Documentation Deluxe Manual.

For example, PiezoDN does not require a negative (it inverts it itself, you don’t have to with Photoshop). Please read the manual. It’s all written.


I’ve read EVERYTHING as per instructions, I was referring to use of PS as one would scan a negative; I’ve a collection of glass plate negatives I need to scan as when I print, the vacuum frame really places a force upon the neg and the glass surface of the frame. The negatives are in poor to moderately good condition, I simply need to scan the neg’s and then when I was attempting to locate the pt/pd neg setting as defined in the manual, Jon stated the curves are already created by you and him (?)… I looked and looked blah blah and will obviously LOOK AGAIN. Manual says they are in the ‘curves’; I will reread again, I will look again. I will find and then wonder how in the hell I was so stupid that I couldn’t locate initially.

Thanks Walker,


So sorry for the bad weekend reply. I was in a car (not driving mind you)!

PiezoDN download:Download PiezoDN | Piezography (These are QuadtoneRIP curves we are talking about. Printing mediatype/profiles used in the driver.)

On a Mac (PC’s are slightly different but the most recent version of PiezoDN has a quick rundown on installation):
After installing PiezoDN (and QuadtoneRIP and Print-Tool) and then connection your printer and running the install.command found in >Applications>Piezography>Curves>(your printer), you will see the Pt/Pd curve in after hitting print, selecting the new Quad printer, and going to the Quadtone menu where-in you will see a curves selection menu.

If you have not done the above read the “installing” and “printing” chapters of the Manual where you will get an over-view of the software used and how it’s installed.


Thanks again,
Upon first getting into the manual the first words (or there abouts) is READ THROUGH ENTIRE text and i of course being of superior and above average intelligence didn’t until my first question appeared… why do I need a computer to do this stuff… 2nd option popped into my thinking… “oh… that’s why”.
I’ve been shooting and have actually not been on the computer in a number of days, processing the negs is half the fun of shooting, I enjoy both.

       I'll promise I shall not disrupt your weekends with my questions, I thought you were free of 'business work' on the weekends.  Now knowing that is not the case I will direct questions to work time.  I work always, shy of those evening hours with supper, an hour of BBC TV viewing before bed, AND if you do somehow see a question from me on a weekend, IGNORE until the work week.

   Thank you for your time and apparent energy!