PiezoDN and me?



Before I pull the trigger on the system I need some clarification on a couple of points.

I will be using an Epson 1400 (which I see is supported) and was wondering if my Spyder 4 would be suitable to make the required readings for system calibration?

As I can’t afford (retired, limited income) afford the full ink set at this time, I’ve been using the PhotoBlack shade 1 ink in various dilutions in my printer. Will I be able to use the PiezoDN (software) tools to calibrate and fine tune my digital negative? (I will assume the pre-made curves won’t be immediately useful without testing and tweaking on my part.)

Or, would I be better off sticking with out-of-the-box QTR? (Mac machine)

Thanks, Dave


Dear David. Spyder 4 will work with PiezoDN however, Epson ink does not have the density required to properly print digital negatives (other than for silver) nor will it work with our PiezoDN curves. You will need to use Piezography ink in order to properly print negs with the PiezoDN system.



Thanks for the quick reply Walter.

Sorry, I should have elaborated on the ink. I am using Piezography K7, Shade 1 Photo Black that I’ve diluted to five lighter shades. (with Paul Roark’s C6b clear base - seems to work well. I just turned the printer on for the first time in a year and it printed a good nozzle check immediately.)

So, given that I’m willing to forego the PiezoDN curves and use my “own” ink mixes, will using the PiezoDN tools provide me any benefits beyond just using QTR?



No. The PiezoDN tools can only calibrate the PiezoDN curves as these curves are built in a very specific way that is entirely different than curves built using QDIF.



Thanks for the information Walter. I appreciate learning this before spending money.