Piezo separating

Is this separation normal?

I’ve never noticed separation with PiezoFlush, but honestly don’t look too close, and just grab a bottle when I need to clean a printer.
What does it look like when you open the bottle, and look inside? I see you’ve bought two gallons of PiezoFlush, is this the first or second bottle you bought?

Please let me know, thanks~ Dana

This is looking into the second bottle I purchased. The black circle is the phone lens reflection.
Lot #: 150203
The foil seal was intact.

I have never seen or experienced this, and we sell a LOT of PiezoFlush. This is an older lot, and we are currently checking inventory, though have sold a lot of this lot# and haven’t had any other reports of issues. I have sent you some fresh PiezoFlush, which you should receive shortly.

Best~ Dana

Thanks Dana.
Should I send this bottle back?