Piezo Pro soft proofing

I have PiezoPro inkset up and running with only one remaining difficulty: I can’t get the Soft Proof custom list to show Pro icc profiles for my different papers. I’m temporarily using Gamma 2.2 in the Soft Proof box, and that’s nt too bad but I’d like to come closer to the mark. Just another newbie problem, I guess?

And a second question: I have a supply of Harman Gloss Baryta (both OB and Warmtone). I wonder what might be the nearest Piezo Pro icc profiles for these papers?

Thx in advance for advice,


We do not have Pro soft-proof profiles done yet. In the next release we’ll publish a set. (very soon!)

For now, use the Selenium Hahnemuhle Baryta soft-proof profile for getting a handle of the linear contrast.


Thank you, Walker. It’s always a relief to learn that when I couldn’t do something, it wasn’t possible anyway. :slight_smile:

BTW. The reason we are delayed a bit on soft-proofing profiles is we are actually inventing a new way of printing Piezography. So it’s eating into SP building time.

We are a few weeks away and then we’ll publish some favorite toning combos and Gloss/Matte soft-proofs in the Community Edition.