Piezo Pro in 7890

I have a 7890 that I bought used that had hardly been used by a design student who was moving. It has a brand new print head and is like new. Only problem is I bought a 700 ml yellow Epson ink on eBay that was not out of date and sealed in original package. But it must have been a scam because it permanently clogged my yellow channel. All the other channels are perfect. I replaced the yellow damper and it’s the same. Almost blank in yellow and the pattern does not move after months of piezo flush and a power cleanings and running flush targets onto paper.

Anyway my question is, can I still use Piezo Pro inks in it by shifting the slots around and put the light warm slot somewhere else? I would like to have matte and glossy, but could work with only matte media.

Thanks, John

It would have to be a matte-only machine. Yellow → LLK channel remap.

But for small work, you could second-pass spray-gloss the prints.

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Thanks is there a link on this site for the procedure for remapping these inks.

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