Piezo Pro GO Application

I would like to clarify my understanding of GO application using the Piezography Pro inks:
1: The default curves apply GO ‘normally’.
2: The other folders, ‘LowGCO’, ‘NoWhiteGCO’ and ‘NoGCO’ include curves for different kinds of GO application related to specific needs.
Is this correct?
There seem to be a number of similarly names curves: eg what is the difference between ‘3880-Cone-Type5-W’ and ‘3880-Cone-Type5-Warm’?

Yes. The other sub-folders contain the same curves simply with different GCO applications.

There is a character length limit to the curve names for QTR so I had to change the sub-folder curve names to allow for the GCO addition.


Thanks Walker. Just to be clear: what is the difference between ‘3880-Cone-Type5-W’ and ‘3880-Cone-Type5-Warm’, which appear in the same folder?

That may be a typo on my part. They are the same curve.