Piezo Pro -- Determining Split Tone Settings




I wanted to imitate the tones of certain alternative prints like silver gelatin, pt/pd, selenium, etc. However, I’m stuck on how can I accurately apply this to the Split Tone Settings on QTR for Piezography Pro. One idea I have is to get the curve of a certain tone of a digital image using a software (still searching the tool I had before) but I don’t know how to apply the curve on QTR Split Tone. According to the documentation, application of Curve settings are meant for linearization.

I was using Selenium K7 before I shifted to Piezography Pro. Looking at my previous prints, I knew I had to combine neutral and cool tones somewhere in the midtones and shadows. However, I’m not sure of the amount for neutral or cool when I want to use Split Tone on QTR. I am doing this manually and I might run out of ink before I get it right :slight_smile:

Is there an easier way to accomplish this?

Thank you.



To add variables, all of this is dependent on paper-white and paper-type too. There are so many variables, all I can say is get a pack of paper and start testing splits. The pudding is in the proof.



Walter - Regarding the new Pro ink set, in QTR, does it matter how I order the curves? For example, am I correct in saying that say for the gloss curves, I enter the cool, neutral and warm, but it doesnt matter what order they appear in on the QTR menu? Regards, Raphael


Yes, it does not matter what order their appear.