Piezo Pro Curves for Canson Papers on P400

Hello! New user here who has just got my P400 up and running with Piezo Pro inks. Questions about Canson paper and curves. Two of my favorite papers are Canson Printmaking Rag (formerly called BFK Rives) and Canson Baryta Photographique. In the QTRgui program there are no curves listed for those two papers associated with the P400 printing model.

Are there some Pro curves out there for those two papers for the P400? If not, are there other curves that could work reasonably well? So far, I have used the R2000 Pro printing model with the R2000-Pro-Matte-Cool curve selected and that result is reasonably decent.

I note that there are Canson curves for the papers I cited above for the P600.

TIA for any suggestions!



Well, so far, no one has responded with Pro ink curve advice for the Epson P400. In the meantime, I should like to share some things about my adventures.

  1. In the QuadTone RIP software, for printing art paper in the rear tray at the back of the printer, the source needs to be Roll Feed. The Sheet Feed and Manual Roll (rear) did not work for me.
  2. Using Red River Aurora Natural paper, 4x6, (which I use a a cheaper substitute for Canson BFK Rives/PhotoMaking Rag especially for testing/proofing purposes) here is what I have found so far for the QuadP400-Pro printing model:
    o Hahnemuhle-Photorag cool: works decently
    o Moab Entrada cool: works decently; slightly preferred, in my eyes, to the Hahnemuhle; not by much though
    o Museo Silver Rag cool: not acceptable
    o Epson Exhibition Fiber: not acceptable
    o Running a Canson BFK Rives 8 ½ x 11 page through the rear manual feeder using the QuadP400-Pro printing model with the Moab Entrada cool curve worked well.
  3. Under the QuadR2000-Pro printing model, the R2000-Pro-Matte-Cool worked decently. I was hard pressed to tell the difference in results from the Moab Entrada using the Red River Aurora paper.

Will share more as I do more.

I hesitated to reply because I don’t have that printer and I don’t use those papers. However I feel your pain as I use another printer that also uses the P400 Pro curves (R1900) and there are quite a few curves missing.

There are 17 papers that the 3880 (my reference point) has which the P400 is missing:


And it’s the Canson Rag that I was really surprised was missing. As far as I can see, this list is a mix of standard papers and exotics. On the other hand there are seven papers where the P400 has a Pro curve and the 3880 doesn’t:


What I have done for CRP is to take the Hahn Photo Rag (HPR) curve, which is reasonably close, and relinearise it for CRP. If you have measurement device like an i1 Photo then you could do something similar.

Because I’m not familiar with those papers I can’t suggest which curves to use as a starting point. Perhaps Walker can. Perhaps Walker can also indicate when IJM are going to fill those gaps, at least for relatively standard papers.

Hi Bryan_S. Thanks very much for taking the time to respond — and in detail. I appreciate the helpful input.

For the time being, until I educate myself more and/or new curves come out for the P400-Pro printing model, I will go with Moab Entrada. That is working reasonably well so far for Red River Aurora Natural and Canson BFK Rives.