Piezo out of stock in IJM?

I did my refill cart check/shake-em-up on my 3880 today and was reminded that I’m low on ink. Going to IJM I see the K7 Carbons are listed as out of stock. I usually buy 110ml bottles for spending control. Are there any sizes available to buy the full set?

I’m low on most, but almost out of Shade 6/LbK/Pos. 3 in the cart, bottle is empty. I see that ink alone only at 350ml. Is that the only option at the moment? (Oh, I see a 60ml listed in stock).

Any idea when the inks will be in-stock again? Should I panic?

EDIT: OK, I ordered a few smaller bottles to hold me for a while.

I can’t say when our 110mL will be back in stock but our other shades are including the 60mLs.


After poking around a bit I gained skills at using the IJM sales site.

Are there supply issues with the Piezo inks that we should know about? Being out of 110ml bottles but being able to buy 2x 60ml bottles is fine. If there are possible times without any product in certain lines (mine is the Carbon) then we could grab some 350ml bottles to be prepared. Can’t not have ink!