Piezo ink set closest to Platinum look

I was wondering which ink set will begin to approach the look of a platinum print. Yes, I know…it won’t ever duplicate it. BUT how to get as close to that tonal range as possible. Ideas?

all of our piezography ink sets get to the level of a platinum print (not same, but equivalent tonal fidelity).

But I specifically built the Pro ink set to match warm palladium on the 100% warm side and it mixes into plat/palladium as you tone it more neutral. So this is the one you want.


I ve been using the special edition substituting carbon black for shade 1. can you suggest another substitution in the shade 6 that would “platinum-ize” this wonderful ink set closer?

Shade 1 = Piezography K7 shade 1 black - I use CARBON BLACK
Shade 2 = Carbon shade 2
Shade 3 = 75% Carbon Shade 3 and 25% Selenium Shade 3
Shade 4 = 50% Carbon Shade 4 and 50% Selenium Shade 4

Shade 5 = Selenium shade 5

Shade 6 = Neutral shade 6

Shade 7 = Neutral shade 7

special edition isn’t exactly a platinum looking inkset but if you use warm neutral for shade 5-7 you’ll get a good palladium quality.