Piezo ink at or close to white in image

Mostly what I print is artwork on rag paper. These can include areas with no tone (lines, wash tones) that are just the paper surface. Working with the scans, I am wondering about what happens at or close to zero on the grey scale. I have sometimes created masks in Photoshop to force pure white for paper areas. I’m just wondering if that is the best approach.

  1. Piezo puts down a lot of ink to cover all tones. But does it put anything on the paper when the value is zero–perfect white? If not, at what percentage does ink begin to print?

  2. It would seem that having an area of paper with no ink while the rest is inked might be create a noticeable boundary in an area with a ramp from 5% to zero. Would it be preferable to simple have a minimum value (perhaps 2%) so the image area receives ink on all areas?

It puts down 40% ink (gloss chroma optimizer) on the white areas for gloss papers only. Nothing for matte papers.

Not a problem with matte. Already solved w the default gloss curves.