Piezo Flush finished on Epson R3000 but new cartridge problems

Followed instructions on filling new cartridges with Piezo Flush, 48 hours rst then used 2manuals to flush system seemed to go okay …ran through system 3 times and have a printer potty attached so no problems until installing new ink filled cartridges and nothing. Keeps saying cartridges empty. Using non battery inkjetmall supplied cartridges. any one have an idea of what I mioght have missed?


Which cartridge does it say is Empty?


Hello and thanks for your reply …I had bought a couple of non battery chips for my R3000 printer and have had nothing but trouble

with them, so I put new batteries in the old chips and all is good and works fine…My R3000 does not seem to like the non battery chips for some reason, I can not figure this one out…

so will order another set of chips with batteries if still available…other then that completely happy with InkJetMall Inks, service and help



[QUOTE=walkerblackwell;13020]Which cartridge does it say is Empty?


Generally what happens when using AutoReset (ARC) chips for InitFills is that chips will get depleted (low) to the point where they will work to print with but not to do a second or third init-fill. To reset an ARC to full, one must actually print with it until it resets to full (the only way to reset an ARC chip). This can be an issue if you only have one set of chips and you attempt to do more than 1 init-fill in a row. (If these were Epson cartridges, Epson would require an entire new set of cartridges after the first or second init fill.)

I suggest having a spare set of chips in order to do init-fill procedures on this printer.

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Walker, I’m wondering why this isn’t mentioned anywhere? I bought a whole second set of cartridges and was sent the ones without the battery. Did the initial inkcharge, let it sit 48 hours, and tried to run a second but got errors all over the place on the printer. Now my only option is to print until all the piezoflush is used up or shows empty, and then top off and reinsert OR i buy another set of chips with batteries.

Man, this is getting to cost more than just taking it to get flixed. I’ve bought a whole bunch of Piezoflush, and now 1/2 is gone already. I bought syringes, cartridges, etc. All this for just cleaning and maintaining my r3000. In addition, i have another set of cartridges with cone ink.

Do your ink cartridges have battery chips, because if so you could swap them over? You may also have to swap the chip holders - the little plastic corners that the chips attach to. These can be removed with care. But I have a feeling that the chip holder for the battery-less chips on the R3000 carts will also accept the battery chips, so this shouldn’t be necessary, although it may actually be the easiest option.