Piezo Flush and refillable carts


Two weeks ago I purchased the PZFK-7890-RCS-1G Piezo Flush and nine refillable carts. I filled all carts, inserted into our 9890. Went through the procedure for the init fill and let it sit over the weekend. Monday morning I did a cleaning and nozzle check. I then put the OEM carts back into the machine and did an init fill to get the Piezo Flush out of the lines. Ran a print job and noticed that the issue that I was having with banding in dark greens was still there. I figured that either the cyan was clogged or the yellow (most likely) was clogged. Decided to try another weekend with the Piezo Flush. Topped off all nine carts with flush and inserted them into the printer. My problem is this, the first eight carts are reading almost full, the last cart (the Light Magenta) is reading almost empty. The printer won’t allow me to do an init fill because it thinks the cart is almost empty. When I put the ink cart back in it reads fine. What are my options to get around this?



You need a chip resetter. https://shop.inkjetmall.com/Chip-Resetter-for-7900-9900-7890-9890-refillable-cartridges.html It works on Epson OEM chips too and is highly recommended to have around regardless of what you are doing.