Piezo dmax

do piezo ink sets have a higher dmax then Epson advanced black and white?

ex. special edition k7 ink set?

What dMax are you getting with ABW and on what paper?
dMax is paper dependent.

ABW will make dMax quite lighter than RGB value 0 pixels. It can not differentiate between the lowest shadow detail values and produces dMax easily.

Piezography only prints dMax at RGB value 0 so that it can print the tonal separation between all 256 values. RGB value 1 is actually lighter than 0 with K7.

You can not easily find your dMax in LR because it is a proxie you are looking at and the actual processing often differs from the histogram - so move the image out of proxie state in LR to Photoshop and then find out if you really have dMax pixels or not.

Complex answer to easy question…

complex for sure.

so on photo rag paper from the site it says piezo can print at dmax of 1.65, what does Epson advanced b&w come in at on photo rag?

Epson comes in lower…

Epson ABW hits about 1.55 - 1.58 on Photo Rag
QTR driven ABW (with the 3 K’s) hits about 1.64 - 1.65